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I found it!

There was a cartoon I watched as a kid with sheep and clouds and dreams in it, I finally found it!

It was called ‘Captain Zed & The Zee Zone’

This has been annoying me for years!!

I thought sheep sleep, dream catcher and other related sort of names but it’s such a random name.

I wonder if I could get the series on DVD, I will youtube it anyhow…

So close…!!!

One more assignment to hand in and I’m done for this semister (bar exams), no more weird(er than normal) dreams, no more issues waking my brain up in the morning. Woo!

Well until next semister anyway 😐

And now I have to start studying…

Tabnappers?! What will they think of next??,2817,2364142,00.asp

I don’t use gmail luckily but how not on to it do you have to be got by this page?

If you don’t know what pages you’re surfing at any one time, you shouldn’t have a license to surf imho.

And why would you bring up an email server page and then click on another tab without logging in?

It would work better if it only went after tabs containing already open email and then showed the corresponding emails login page

– the switch clicks and I’m evil =^_^=  (that reminds me of a samari pizza cat, that was the coolest cartoon)

Lucky I don’t know any coding yet and I don’t understand the point of having lots of access to random peoples email addys

Funny observations

Life(lessness) in a text

Texting has taken over the world and english language as well.

How many of these are you guilty of?

Brexting-The dreaded break up text.

Drexting-Those 3 in the morning to the ex texts.

Confexting-Confessions through 3 letter ‘words’.

Fexting-The text that isn’t, text by the texter who isn’t texting.

Chexting-Cheating on a partner (or two) through texting.

Wexting-Texting and walking.

Something to think about…

*The Joy of -ext; Word; Sexting, chexting, drexting…the rise of a salacious suffix

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