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How to check if a website is secure

Look for the ‘https’ in the address bar, make sure the ‘s’ is on the end, it stands for secure.

Look for the ‘padlock’ icon in the browser not in the web page, some scammers put a fraudulent lock into the webpage to try to fool you.

Double clicking on the padlock will reveal the details of the sites security, if it doesn’t do this the site can’t be trusted.

Good website for information (it’s a tad old but still relevant)

Keeping your computer secure


Task 1 – Install and Use Anti-Virus Programs
Task 2 – Keep Your System Patched
Task 3 – Use Care When Reading Email with Attachments
Task 4 – Install and Use a Firewall Program
Task 5 – Make Backups of Important Files and Folders
Task 6 – Use Strong Passwords
Task 7 – Use Care When Downloading and Installing Programs
Task 8 – Install and Use a Hardware Firewall
Task 9 – Install and Use a File Encryption Program and Access Controls

So close…!!!

One more assignment to hand in and I’m done for this semister (bar exams), no more weird(er than normal) dreams, no more issues waking my brain up in the morning. Woo!

Well until next semister anyway 😐

And now I have to start studying…

Example technologies for the short report

  • Cell phones
  • USB Drives
  • Tablets
  • Multi function printers (MFD)

I chose to do my report on Cell Phones

User testing overview

User testing form corrections

Over all the main problems with the manual were visual.

Below are the changes that needed to be made

*Add Microsoft Office Word 2007 to the front cover, so users can identify that they have the right program for the manual. Done

*Add numbers to the pictures and reference them in the instructions so the user can identify the right instruction with the right picture. Done

*Add a picture to show how to use the formatting modifications in step nine. Done

*Add page numbers to make the contents page relevant. Done

*Add a section on updating the contents table. Done

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