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Exam timetable


Mon 14th

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Tabnappers?! What will they think of next??,2817,2364142,00.asp

I don’t use gmail luckily but how not on to it do you have to be got by this page?

If you don’t know what pages you’re surfing at any one time, you shouldn’t have a license to surf imho.

And why would you bring up an email server page and then click on another tab without logging in?

It would work better if it only went after tabs containing already open email and then showed the corresponding emails login page

– the switch clicks and I’m evil =^_^=  (that reminds me of a samari pizza cat, that was the coolest cartoon)

Lucky I don’t know any coding yet and I don’t understand the point of having lots of access to random peoples email addys

current lb layout factors



Our yarns


Learning center




(in top righthand corner) Search bar



Our yarns


Free catalogue

Yarn studio



Newsletter sign up


Combined navigation will contain


Yarns/shop (yarn studio)


Learn to knit/crochet

Connect with people (find store, newsletter signup, tips and comic strip)


Assign 3

  1. How long has the Internet been available to us commercially, in New Zealand?
  2. How does it work? Include a description of the Internet Backbone.
  3. How can you ensure that you have minimised your security risks while using the Internet from your home computer?
  4. Discuss the safest way to send personal information through the internet.
  5. What is  dynamic website content and what do you need to create it?
  6. What is the purpose of a Web Server?
  7. What is the difference between open source and proprietary software?
  8. What is a Web Application and name three common technologies used to create one?
  9. Who are the Domain Name Commission and what are they responsible for?
  10. Who are the World wide web Consortium and what are they responsible for?

User testing form

The user testing form is used to figure out how clear a set of instructions are.

In the test the testers verify that they are able to complete each point of the instructions as they go through, to make sure the instructions are clear.

The users tick off each step as they correctly complete it, they only sign it off if they complete the whole set of instructions correctly.

Testing form

Obtain word doc.

Get to start point

Maths stats test revision (or learning the stuff we haven’t been taught)

Basic Glossary

Quartiles– The middle values between the lowest number and the middle number (lower quartile) or the middle number and the highest number (upper quartile.)

Interquartile range– The upper quartile minus the lower quartile

Class interval– Data that is grouped into intervals (e.g. 10-20, 20-30), usually for the purpose of putting it into a graph.

Frequency– The number of times a particular class interval occurs.

Continuous variable– A piece of data that can have a percentage (e.g. It can take 2 and a 1/2 minutes to complete a task)

Discrete variable– A piece of data which has to be a whole number (e.g. The amount of right answers in a test must be 23 and cannot be 23.6)

Grouped frequency distribution– A list of the different varibles taken in a sample (e.g. 2,2,4,6,7,7,12,13,14,14)

Probability Trees– A diagram used to define the possiblities of getting a certain outcome. (see below)


Equation values of data

Mean– All the varibles added together and divided by the number of varibles there are.

Median– The middle piece of data in a set.

Mode– The most fashionable piece of data in a set.

Range– The highest value of a set minus the lowest value of the set.

Graph types and definitions

Bar graph– Used to show discrete information.

Histogram– Used to show continuous data, similar to a bar graph, except there is no space between the bars and it contains class intervals.

Line graph– Information is plotted on a graph, then those point are conectted with a continuous line.

Pictograph– An icon is used to display the set amounts of data.

Pie chart– A circle chart which shows the dataas slices as a pie, information is presented in percentages. 

Probability trees

                                              Heads (0.25) – 0.5×0.25= 2 heads odds

Heads (0.5)<

                                             Tails (0.25)


                                  Heads (0.25)

Tails (0.5)<

                                           Tails (0.25)

Probability trees are used to show the possibility of getting different data in a situation there are more than one outcome.

  • The first branches show the odds of getting each certain choice on the first coin toss. etc and have the chance of getting each option.


  • The second branches show the odds of getting the first choice and then the second choice. (e.g. tossing a head, then a tail or two heads)


  • There may be any amount of choices in the first branches, if the odds for each branch aren’t included, the odds are the number of branchs divisable into one (each branch gets an even odd and all added up they must equal 1.)


  • If you add all of the 0.**’s together in each column of the tree they must add up to 1. (e.g. 0.25+0.25+0.25+0.25=1)

Lion Brand revamp


This is a brief for an online yarn store.

  • The purpose of this design is to improve the Lion Brand site to make it more accessable and user-friendly.


  • Some pages need to be compacted down and links made clearer (on one page there is two links to the same page right next to each other, one of these links also has a drop down navigation that goes to second level pages)


  • It could use another column for extra links and information.


  • Navigation needs to be labelled more clearly.


  • The general layout is out dated also needs to be addressed.


  • Site colours need to be changed to fit in with the lionbrand logo.


  • Site needs it own signature  It is wishy-washy and pretty generalised.


  • The client is looked for a fresher, newer site which can be easily used and navigated around to boost sales and site hits.

Current Website

Website design research

Websites that inspire


Points to keep

Once logged in, prices are displayed in users currency.

Points to consider/change

It has two naviation bars which need to be collaberated and possibly have drop downs added to them for extended menus. Also the navigation bars change from page to page.

Logo colours- gold and green need .

‘Making contact’ details (newsletter, find-a-store, ph numbers, contact details) need to be grouped and stuck on one page.

Pattern search needs to be upgraded- most the options can be check boxes/hotlink lists instead of scroll lists, there are several scroll lists on the search page which make the search too detailed and bring back less results.

Could possibly do with a chatboard so customers can help each other out with problems/’moderators’ can answer questions.

Text should be plain black for easier reading, links should be recognisable by being a different colour.

Shop needs to be more visual, picture links for different products.

Could include a short description of basic information under pics of wool (Fiber makeup, meterage, recom. needle size, gms etc.)

The ‘lb collection’ doesn’t clearly link back to the main website, no menu navigation.

Pages take a long time to load because of menu icons.

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