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How to check if a website is secure

Look for the ‘https’ in the address bar, make sure the ‘s’ is on the end, it stands for secure.

Look for the ‘padlock’ icon in the browser not in the web page, some scammers put a fraudulent lock into the webpage to try to fool you.

Double clicking on the padlock will reveal the details of the sites security, if it doesn’t do this the site can’t be trusted.

Good website for information (it’s a tad old but still relevant)


Hand-ins for internet and multimedia

  • A print out of your blog entries
  • Your two html pages in Notepad
  • AET exercise
  • AET news section
  • Assessment Two Powerpoint of website
    • Site map
    • wireframes
    • user profiles
  • Assessment Three answer sheet completed with references
  • current lb layout factors



    Our yarns


    Learning center




    (in top righthand corner) Search bar



    Our yarns


    Free catalogue

    Yarn studio



    Newsletter sign up


    Combined navigation will contain


    Yarns/shop (yarn studio)


    Learn to knit/crochet

    Connect with people (find store, newsletter signup, tips and comic strip)


    Assign 3

    1. How long has the Internet been available to us commercially, in New Zealand?
    2. How does it work? Include a description of the Internet Backbone.
    3. How can you ensure that you have minimised your security risks while using the Internet from your home computer?
    4. Discuss the safest way to send personal information through the internet.
    5. What is  dynamic website content and what do you need to create it?
    6. What is the purpose of a Web Server?
    7. What is the difference between open source and proprietary software?
    8. What is a Web Application and name three common technologies used to create one?
    9. Who are the Domain Name Commission and what are they responsible for?
    10. Who are the World wide web Consortium and what are they responsible for?

    Lion Brand revamp


    This is a brief for an online yarn store.

    • The purpose of this design is to improve the Lion Brand site to make it more accessable and user-friendly.


    • Some pages need to be compacted down and links made clearer (on one page there is two links to the same page right next to each other, one of these links also has a drop down navigation that goes to second level pages)


    • It could use another column for extra links and information.


    • Navigation needs to be labelled more clearly.


    • The general layout is out dated also needs to be addressed.


    • Site colours need to be changed to fit in with the lionbrand logo.


    • Site needs it own signature  It is wishy-washy and pretty generalised.


    • The client is looked for a fresher, newer site which can be easily used and navigated around to boost sales and site hits.

    Current Website

    Website design research

    Websites that inspire


    Points to keep

    Once logged in, prices are displayed in users currency.

    Points to consider/change

    It has two naviation bars which need to be collaberated and possibly have drop downs added to them for extended menus. Also the navigation bars change from page to page.

    Logo colours- gold and green need .

    ‘Making contact’ details (newsletter, find-a-store, ph numbers, contact details) need to be grouped and stuck on one page.

    Pattern search needs to be upgraded- most the options can be check boxes/hotlink lists instead of scroll lists, there are several scroll lists on the search page which make the search too detailed and bring back less results.

    Could possibly do with a chatboard so customers can help each other out with problems/’moderators’ can answer questions.

    Text should be plain black for easier reading, links should be recognisable by being a different colour.

    Shop needs to be more visual, picture links for different products.

    Could include a short description of basic information under pics of wool (Fiber makeup, meterage, recom. needle size, gms etc.)

    The ‘lb collection’ doesn’t clearly link back to the main website, no menu navigation.

    Pages take a long time to load because of menu icons.

    Website creation process

    create a brief – Simple mock up

    research existing websites – Get ideas of what the ‘client’ would like in their website

    refine brief – Expand on mock up

    create an information architecture for this website and draw up a hierarchical site map, displaying at least two levels of navigation.

    create a timeline – Dead lines for finishing set pieces of work

    create four user profiles for this website. Define primary and secondary audience – Two primary audiences, two secondary.

    draw up a wire frame of the home page and inside pages – Basic layouts with all pieces that needs to be on the pages

    test this in groups

    construct at least three pages of the website in Dreamweaver (the navigation must be fully functional and page content added for at least level one navigation and some level two pages.)

    tested in documented browsers – test in:

  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • An identified internet security risk

    The trojan horse


  • Glossary Terms
  • Data theft– the act of stealing information.

    Trojan horse– A program that is hidden in a legitimate looking program which is voluntarily downloaded by the receiver, it then trawls through files on the host computer while allowing the hacker back door access, and spreading to other computers

    Key stroke logging– The act of recording a users keystroke, usually to gain passwords and other sensitive information.


  • SSL and Security Certificates
  • SSL stands for secure socket layer and is a way for users to send and receive information over a secure form, which encrypts information and requires certificates to authorise secure information.


  • Data Encryption
  • A technique of scrambling stored or transmittable information so that it can’t be viewed or corrupted by third parties.



    A trojan is different from a virus because it can only be passed on through a file made to carry it.

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