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DIM – Dimension, used to introduce variables.

Freefile – A temporary file used for search engines.

PDLC – Program Development Life Cycle.

Private sub – The start of a coding sequence.

End sub – The end of a coding sequence.

Psuedocode – Coding using everyday language instead of coding language.

Variable – A label which stands for something else.

Syntax error – An error in the naming code

Logic error – An error in the coding logic eg missing closing codes

Psuedo naming standards labels

lbl – Shows a heading/title.

txt – Displays a text box.

btn – Button.

frm – Form.

IPO Chart – A chart consisting of Input – Processing – Output

IPO Keywords

Input: Read, Obtain, Get.

Output: Print, Display, Show.

Compute: Calculate, Determine.

Initialize: Set, INIT.

Add one: Increment, Bump.

Condition: If, Repeat, Do until, While, For each item in.

Interface – Another name for program.

System libraries – Used for preprogrammed fonts, graphics etc.


Freefile = A temporary file used for search engines etc

Int = Integer, an item (see string) Numbers only

Rnd = Random

String = Group of items (see integer) Numbers, letters and other characters.

Parse method – Changing a string into a interger

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