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Example technologies for the short report

  • Cell phones
  • USB Drives
  • Tablets
  • Multi function printers (MFD)

I chose to do my report on Cell Phones

Cellphones product info



Nokia E75


Call/standby time:4.2hrs talk, 11 days standby


Service warrenty:Telecom servicing


Telecom R90


Call/standby time: 3hrs talk, 200 days standby

Price: $354.67

Service warrenty:Telecom servicing


Samsung F480


Call/standby time:3hrs talk, 250 days standby


Service warrenty:Telecom servicing





Samsung C5510


Call/standby time:8hrs talk, 10.8 days standby

Price:$299 (free with 24 month telecom, telstraclear and 2degrees plan)

Service warrenty:Slingshot





Nokia E63


Call/standby time:4.7hours talk, 13.5 days standby


Service warrenty:Vodafone


Samsung C6625V


Call/standby time:9hrs talk, 17 days standby


Service warrenty:Vodafone


Nokia 1680


Call/standby time:3.2hrs talk, 17.7 days standby


Service warrenty:Vodafone


Call/standby time:


Service warrenty:





Cellphone service providers



Telecom Business Share Plan


$711.07/month for 12 users

2500 free mins


Extra: $13.29 for each additional user


Telecom non-stop text.


Unlimited texts.

Calls 89¢/min


Slingshot MegaTalk.


100 free texts

20 mins free talk-time

Extra: Texts-20¢ Calls 25¢/min


Black + White Best of the Rest + Text.


500 free texts

44 minutes free talk-time

Extra: Texts-20¢ Calls 75¢/min


Slingshot More Talk + Text pack 600.


600 free texts

10 minutes free talk-time

Extra: Texts-20¢ Calls 50¢/min

Vodaphone ‘family’ plan



Free unlimited texts and calls between four people.



2degrees pre-pay.

100-500 free texts

22¢/min call rate

Extra: Texts-9¢

Sites to look at

Report findings

“The recent revolution in mobile telephones has been brought about by the development of cellular mobile communications network. From small beginnings in the 1980s, theses had become the most important means of telephone communication by the end of the 1990s. Why are they so successful?” (Maddison S, 2007)

This shows that as cellphone networks have progressed cellphones have have become an important means of communication in a comparetively short time, it also give you something to think about.

Cell phones have gone through a series of generations. The first generation cellphone was made commercially availible in 1983 and the technology has processed fast since then. The second generation phones came out in the early ninties. We are now up to the third generation system and have been since 2001. (, history of mobile phones, 2010)

The technology turnover of cellphones makes it nearly impossible to keep them and be anywhere near up-to-date for longer than 3-4 years, for this reason I have chosen moderately priced phones.

“Responsible businesses and those who do business on the go should be making preparations now for the introduction of the new laws by providing and installing hands-free equipment for use in cars.” ( The daily post.  13/11/09.)

From the 1st of november 2009 a new law came in banning the use of handheld cellphones while driving and is unavoidable if you plan to have business members who are on the go contactable at needed times, for this reason I suggest the use of hands free kits for those who need them in cars.


Info to check out.

Reports reguarding xt vs. vodafone breakdowns

XT vs 3g report

Extra credit

Bond and bond phones

Samsung phones

Mobile phone news

Vodafone phones

Telecom phones

Telstraclear phones

Report references

Book reference

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Journal reference

Heffield, J.  Febuary 2010.  Find the perfect mobile and plan for you.  New Zealand PCWorld.  Pgs:50, 52, 53, 54, 56, 57.

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*Journal reference also applies here*

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