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Assignment draft diagrams etc

Use case diagram




C will be on the left S and A will be on the right.



Calls on phone or visits store


Checks for customer record

<<ex>> Opens customer file (if they have one)

<<ex>> Creates new file (if they don’t have one)


<<incl>> Provides personal details for creating a new file



Gives details of when and where they want holiday


Provides holiday choices


Chooses preferred holiday


Books holiday

Updates customer profile

<<ex>> Restart holiday process (if customer wants to book another holiday)

<<ex>> Sends reports and logs to A (if customer doesn’t want to book another holiday)



Sends customer booking confirmation

Files reports and logs

Use case description

  1. Customer either calls or visits the store
  2. Staff member asks if they have a profile
  3. If there is no profile customer details are taken and one is created
  4. If there is a profile it is found and opened
  5. Customer provides details of when and where they would like to holiday
  6. Staff member provides availible holiday choices
  7. Customer chooses preferred holiday
  8. Staff member books holiday
  9. Staff member updates the customer profile accordingly
  10. If the customer would like to book another holiday the process is restarted from 5.
  11. Staff member sends reports and logs to admin
  12. Admin sends holiday confimation/s to customer
  13. Admin file reports and logs


Activity diagram

Start ->

Customer calls or visits store->

Staff checks for profile-> If no profile take customer details and create

-> Profile is opened

*Customer provides holiday prefs->

Staff member provides holiday choices->

Customer chooses holiday->

Staff member books holiday->

Staff member updates customer profile->

If customer would like to book another holiday the * procedure is restarted

If the customer does not want another holiday the staff member sends the reports and logs to admin->

Admin sends holiday confirmation

Models and diagrams

RUP – Rational Unified Process


Analysis, design and implementation


Waterfall, semistructured, structured, RAD, BOEHMS spiral, incremental and iterative (this is a real model not a prototype.)

Phases for UML/RUP

Inceptions – Identity

Elaboration – Design

Construction – Build

Transaction – Roll out

Diagrams and their contents

Use case diagram – ID system boundry, fuctions and events, how the user sees the system,not behind the scenes

Activity diagram – Use case diagram details

Sequence diagram – Use case timing

Class diagram – Developed from the use case

State transition diagram – Models the behaviours of subsystems


These are users which affect the system eg. In a bank system there would be a ‘banker’ actor and a ‘customer’ actor.

In diagrams actorsare shown as stick figures

Primary elements are actors processes are use cases.

Titles are used but not names

Use cases

A use case diagram is a visual representation of a distinct business functionality

Each business fuction can be classified as a use case but some may be sub cases

A use case is represented by an oval

The system boundry is an oblong that surrounds the use cases but not the actors

Each use case has a limit defined by the boundry

Use cases share different kinds of relationships:

Association – communicates a relationship. Shown with a line __________

Include – Used to indicate a use case needs another use case to work. Shown with a broken line arrow and <<include>> sign on the line ———>. Goes from child to parent

Extend – The child case add to the functionality of the parent case the same as the include funtion, this functio is not always needed to complete a transaction, has <<extend>> sign instead of include

Genralizations – Inheritance of an object in UML, an enhancement of the parent case. Uses a closed arrowhead with an unbroken line     |>

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