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Comms assignment hearing impaired


Does improved hearing aid technology increase access to movie theatres for deaf people

Information to read over (information gathered has to be research material)

Movie theatre hearing aid system

Improvements in hearing aids

Dream getaway assignment requirements

Charts/ diagrams needed

  • Organization chart to show who is involved in DG
  • ID and describe info gathering techniques that could be used to gather info needed for DG project
  • Use case diagram for procedures and functions at DG
  • Use case description for booking a vacation at DG
  • Activity diagram for booking a vacation at DG
  • Use above three to construct an entity relationship model, should include allĀ  required entities, relationships between entities and attributes I believe they should contain using the paper based forms

Analysis report

Requirements fall into five categories: Outputs, inputs, processes, timings and controls. ID requirements for each category for attached scenario.

Investigation items

  • Intro
  • Systems request summery
  • Findings
  • Scope statement
  • Feasibilty study
  • Recommendations (we go ahead with report and need a data base)
  • Project roles
  • Time and cost estimates
  • Expected benefits

**Using UML and ERD for report

Preliminary investigation report

  • Booking
  • Suppliers
  • Customers/ clients

Scope statement

  • Things you will definately do
  • Things you will definately not do
  • Things you may do if you have time
  • Different options/ costs

The team needs:

  • An analyst
  • A team manager
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Other stakeholders, owners etc

Info gathering

Organisation chart for the business

Techniques used:


JAD sessions



Use cases for all functionalities eg. Making bookings, get reports, update suppliers

Design use case descriptions for bookings:

  • What is the use case for
  • What tasks/ steps are needed
  • Use parts of the use case diagram to help

Activity diagrams

These are based on the use cases


  • Entities
  • Relationships
  • Cardinality/optionality

Maths stats assignment

For the assignment I intend to use ravelry to find out how long people have been knitting and how long they have been members of ravelry also possibly their ages.

I could do this with or without a questionaire as the information is provided in profiles on the website, I will be asking for volunteers for it either way.

I have also thought about doing a knitting vs crochet questionaire but I’m not sure whether I will need to or not.

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