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Dream getaway assignment requirements

Charts/ diagrams needed

  • Organization chart to show who is involved in DG
  • ID and describe info gathering techniques that could be used to gather info needed for DG project
  • Use case diagram for procedures and functions at DG
  • Use case description for booking a vacation at DG
  • Activity diagram for booking a vacation at DG
  • Use above three to construct an entity relationship model, should include allĀ  required entities, relationships between entities and attributes I believe they should contain using the paper based forms

Analysis report

Requirements fall into five categories: Outputs, inputs, processes, timings and controls. ID requirements for each category for attached scenario.

Investigation items

  • Intro
  • Systems request summery
  • Findings
  • Scope statement
  • Feasibilty study
  • Recommendations (we go ahead with report and need a data base)
  • Project roles
  • Time and cost estimates
  • Expected benefits

**Using UML and ERD for report

Preliminary investigation report

  • Booking
  • Suppliers
  • Customers/ clients

Scope statement

  • Things you will definately do
  • Things you will definately not do
  • Things you may do if you have time
  • Different options/ costs

The team needs:

  • An analyst
  • A team manager
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Other stakeholders, owners etc

Info gathering

Organisation chart for the business

Techniques used:


JAD sessions



Use cases for all functionalities eg. Making bookings, get reports, update suppliers

Design use case descriptions for bookings:

  • What is the use case for
  • What tasks/ steps are needed
  • Use parts of the use case diagram to help

Activity diagrams

These are based on the use cases


  • Entities
  • Relationships
  • Cardinality/optionality

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