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JAG Assignment details

Need to create/ recommend a database

Designing output


Purpose of output

Who wants the info, why do they need it, how the info will be used

What specifics will be included

Is the output printed, onscreen or both, what devices will the output go to?

Types of outputs

In systems design phase you create forms, reports, docs and other types of output these are used in different types of media such as internet, email, IM, wireless devices etc

User importance in report design

Recipients should approve all report designs in advance

You should submit each report as you design it for approval

Report design principals

  • Attractive, proffessional, easy to read
  • Report headers/ footers
  • Page headers/ footers
  • Column heading alignment
  • Column spacing
  • Field order
  • Grouping detail lines

Report design issues

  • Uniform and consistant
  • Each report should share common design elements
  • Document the design in a report analysis form


User interface design

Evolution of user interface

  • Process control
  • User centered system
  • Process use to rule how things were done, now it is more user based.

Human-computer interaction (HCI)

This is the relationship between humans and computers

The main objective is to create a user friendly design that is easy to learn and use

Basic principals of user based design

  • An understanding of the underlying business functions
  • Maximum graphic effectiveness
  • Profile the system users
  • Think like a user
  • Use prototyping
  • Use a storyboard/ mockup


Pricipal of user centered design

  • Usability metrics
  • Design a comprehensive interface
  • Continue the feedback process
  • Document the interface design


Input and data entry methods

Online data entry etc

Input volume: The guidelines will help with this

  1. Input necessary data only
  2. Do not input data that the user can retrieve from the system files or calculate from other data
  3. Do not input constant data
  4. Use codes

Data entry screens

The most effective method of online data entry is form filling

  1. You should restrict data access
  2. Use a descriptive caption for each field

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