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3 websites

Points to look at:

Layout, ease of use, target audience, links, social media, colour



Cobb, M. (2002). Security in the age of privacy. e-business, 20(1), pg 34-42

Hunt, B. (2006) Web 2.0 How-To Design Style Guide. Retrieved from

Hard data

Hard facts that use your logic

Soft information

Communication that makes you feel and gives you an impression about it


Customer effective websites book pg3

Jodie (2000) asks “Why is it so hard to create customer-effective web sites?” (p. 3)



Designing websites that work USABILITY FOR THE WEB, (2002) Brinck, T.  Gergle, D.  Wood, S.D.

You don’t want people to have to swap between clicking and typing a lot.

Need to make the web site easily accessible for disabilities such as lack of sight, colour blindness, deafness and reduced motor skills

To fix these issues the website needs to accommodate screen readers with text explaining photos, you shouldn’t use colours to  define a point such as red and green and if text is going to have a colored background it shouldn’t be a similar hue to the background, sub titles on videos help the deaf and those who can’t use the sound such as in a library or a loud place, links should be spaced apart and not to small.

Page layout

You don’t want too much ‘stuff’ cluttering up the page, the less there is the easier it is for users to concentrate on the information you want them to see. Also people don’t read webpages from top to bottom they scan the page to see if the information they want is on it, if they can’t quickly see it they move on.


Each page should have main functions templated into it, this gives the website consistency and makes it easier for users to get to main pages, to the home page etc.


Page resolution can cause some websites to pull to the left or sit in the middle of the page surrounded by a sea of emptiness.

Too many graphics will slow down a website loading time, visual clutter should be avoided


Involving the user makes the site more memorable


Pages the user is looking for should be in logical places, there is no point putting the contact us page three levels into the website

Items on the page that are clickable should be named clearly so the user knows exactly what it is that they’re clicking on

Up to date

Having a news page informs readers of your lastest news and how long it has been since the website was updated, many users wil use this information to assess how active the website is.

Up coming events work the same way, having an event posted that happened six months ago makes it look like the website has been abandoned since then.

If links don’t work the user will doubt the integrity of the rest of the website and will go elsewhere


This is one of the most important features of websites today it makes the user feel like they are an important part of the website it includes blogs, chat rooms, forums and social applications such as facebook and stumbleupon

Having give-aways is also a good interacting feature, as well as giving the impression that you care about your users enough to exclusively offer them free stuff it brings them back to the website.

If there is an email contact feature, it needs to be checked regularly so users get fast responses

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