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Long report

Long Report


print out the guide lines for writing assignments

Library website has APA referencing guide

Moodle – Class exercises and communication models

Info tech gen site on moodle


**Look up semantic



Emails, short reports

Effective communications on a website

Task 1, dot 2

Effective website material

Comparing websites to ‘good website procedure’





1500 words


Proposal – In regards to….


Executive – This report…  – It was found that…


Three websites – 2 new zealand, 1 overseas


The findings should have headings eg ‘website usability’ and points about them eg ‘colour, layout’


The websites are examples, the research must back up what I think the good and bad points of each website are.


Conclusion and findings are factual


Recommendations are more opiniony


I need to sign and date the end of the report


Word count can be 10% more or less of the 1500 so 1350-1650


Introduction describes the purpose of the research


To control the line spacing highlight and right click, should be 1.5 or double spacing for the referencing


No more than three quotes for the entire report



Reference – things you cite


Bibliography – Ideas formed from material read, knowledge gained from information, Use ‘recommended reading’ to cite books that inspired the ideas





Communiction models



Encoding –>  Decoding messages


Intrapersonal – In head

Interpersonal – Two or more people

Group – ??

Organisational – ??

Mass – Public



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