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Wireless network stuff

The domain is the bigger network, a work group is a smaller group within the domain, information can be shared between only these computers.

SSID – Service Set Identifier

The default wireless network name so that wireless devices can detect other devices in a wireless network, it must be manually entered when the SSID broadcast has been disabled on the wireless router or access point.

MAC address filtering

A security technique in which only identified MAC addresses can connect to a wireless network, used on wireless LAN’s

WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy

First generation security for wireless, crap, it is easy to break it’s encryption making it pretty much useless.

WPA – Wi-Fi Protected Access

2nd generation of WEP, has much stronger encryption


A security layer for wireless systems, once it was made an official standard WPA2 was released

WPA2 – Wi-Fi protected access 2

The improved version of WPA which uses the entire 802.11i standard and provides goverment grade security. It can be enabled in two versions:

Personal – Password authentication

Enterprise – Server authentication

LEAP – Lightweight extensible Authentiation Protocol

CISCO’s wireless security, addresses weaknesses in WEP and WPA

WTLS – Wireless Transport Layer Security

Security for mobile devices which uses a smaller amount of bandwidth. Uses WAP (Wireless Applications Protocol)

 Hub – receives data, sends to all ports

Switch – Sends to intended port, more sophisticated than a bridge

Routers – Connects entire networks to each other e.g. internet

WAP – Wireless Access Points, Uses radio waves to connect wireless devices to the network

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