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Blue tooth

Short range

Eliminates the need for cables between devices

Operates at 2.4 to 2.485 GHz

Low power, low cost and small size

Use adaptive frequency hopping AFH

Vers. 1.2 up to 1.2Mbps

Vers. 2.0 + EDR up to 3 Mbps

vers. 3.0 + HS up to 24Mbps


Short range

Operates in the lowest light frequency, usu between 100GHz-1000THz (terahertz)

Has to be aligned with the device so the light signal isn’t blocked

Cellular WAN

Two ranges about 800 MHz and about 1900 MHz

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)

Connection distance 300 feet

Easy to access for network connectivity


Faster than dial-up slower than cable and DSL

Ideal for rural and remote internet users

Faster to download than upload

Weather can screw with the connection.

Laptop servicing

Replacing parts

CRU – Customer replaceable units, parts a customer can replace

FRU – Field replaceable unit, parts only a field technician


You may need a new laptop battery if

It shuts off immediately when AC is removed

Battery is leaking

Battery over heats

Battery wont hold a charge

Look for the largest capacity battery when buying

Docking stations

Lets you connect PCI cards, addtional hard drives optical drives and floppy drives

Usually made for each specific laptop so you have to buy the one made for your laptop

Storage devices

External USB hard drive

Firewire hard drive

BD/DVD/CD burner

Additional RAM

SODIMM usually used for laptops

Read manual to check what can be changed before beginning

Preventive maintainence

Clean regularly

Perform hard drive maintainance, disk clean ups and disk defragmenter

Update software

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