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More tech work stuff

  • Prioritise your activities
  • Follow business policy
  • Make call back as close to call back time as possible
  • Keep a list of call back customers and check them off as you complete
  • Avoid giving favourite customers faster service
  • Avoid taking only easy customers
  • Avoid taking another techs. calls anless you have permission


Compose yourself between calls

SLA Service level agreements

A contract between aa organisation and service vendor describing the level of service

Contains responsibilities and liabilities of all parties involved

  • Policies
  • Time of call
  • Time in queue
  • Numbers of calls per day
  • How to pass call
  • Promises to customers
  • Follow SLA
  • When to escalate


Ethics and legal aspects

Respect customers and their details/data/equipment

Get permission before accessing accounts

Level 1 tech responsabilities

Get and document problems, need detailed documentation

Level 2 tech

More knowledgable

Been working longer

Receives work orders from level 1

Calls back customer for more info.


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