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IP Addresses

IP addresses are a 32 bit number broken into 4 groups of 8, the binary is changed to decimal to make it shorter.

IP Classes

Class A: Large networks, used by big companies and small countries.

Class B: Medium networks, used by universities

Class C: Small network, used by isp for customers.

IP Address configuration

DHCP (Dynamic host configuration protocol)

Automatically provides computers with an IP addy.

Can assign IP addys, subnet masks, default gateways, domain name system (DNS) and server addys

Gets request from host-> Selects address-> Offers an address-> Host accepts the the address-> The addy is leased for a set amount of time, when it expires the address can be reused.

*The NIC has two addys. IP which can be changed and Media Access Control (MAC) which is burnt in.*


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