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The advantages of networks are numerous they save money because only one printer, scanner or backup device is needed between multiple computers, files and memory can be shared between machines, files can also be made read only so they can’t be corrupted.

Software liecences are cheaper for networks than single computers and the administration is centralised so a program can be loaded onto multiple computers at once.

LAN (Local area network)

A group of computers under one administrative control

WAN (Wide area network)

A WAN connects LANs in different geographical areas, the internet is an example of this.

WLAN (Wireless LAN)

Wireless devices are used to connect computers

There are two main network types

Peer to peer

Each user controls their own machine and decides what others can see and use eg printers

When someone uses your information etc, they use your machine which impacts your memory.

Best to use with 10 or less machines

Client/server networks

The client or host computer request information or services from the server. The server provides the information or service

Network interface cards (NIC) must have the following info

Protocols – Must be the same between computers working on the same network.

IP address – Must be unique to each device, can be manually configured or automatically configured using DHCP

MAC address – Assigned by the manufacturer, can’t be changed.


Preventitive maintanance for networks

Keep things clean and clear

Check for wear and tear

Label both ends of wires

Check wireless connection strength

Use ipconfig tool to check network configurations

Trouble shooting

Unplug and replug


login under different name



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