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Installing an OS

Perform a clean installation of an OS when…

A computer is passed from one employee to another.

The OS is corrupt.

When a new hard drive is installed.

Before doing a clean installation…

Back up all data first.

Explain to the customer that the data will be erased.

Confirm that all the data has been transfered and that it works.


  1. Format and partition the hard drive.
  2. Prepare the disk to accept the file system.
  3. Check the directory structure that organises the OS, apps, configuration and data files is porvided by the file system.
  4. Check the device manager for conflicts (yellow exclaimation marks)

XP install

The user provides…

  • The date and time settings
  • definition of the currency and numerals
  • Text input language
  • Name of user
  • Name of company
  • Product key
  • Computer name
  • Admin password
  • Network settings
  • Domain or workgroup information

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