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Manual draft

How to use Microsoft word to easily produce a table of contents.


Contents table

Set up

  • Click on the home tab in the top tool bar->
  • Click on the diagonal arrow at the right-hand side of the styles tab->
  • Mouse over heading 1->
  • Click the small arrow that appears to the right->
  • Click modify->
  • Adjust the heading format to your liking (Arial and New Times Roman are usually the most widely accepted fonts)->
  • Check the automatically update box->
  • Click ok.

Repeat for any other subjects/titles you want to appear in the table of contents.

*To use the formatting modifications highlight the text you want to change and click the style you want to use.


Adding the contents table

  • Use ctrl+enter to make a new page, make sure you are at the end of your text when you perform this task.
  • Place your cursor on the new page->
  • Click on the reference tab-> 
  • Click on the table of contents icon under the table of contacts tab-> -+

Pick a table with a suitable layout and click on it.


Voila, one table of contents

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