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The trojan horse


  • Glossary Terms
  • Data theft– the act of stealing information.

    Trojan horse– A program that is hidden in a legitimate looking program which is voluntarily downloaded by the receiver, it then trawls through files on the host computer while allowing the hacker back door access, and spreading to other computers

    Key stroke logging– The act of recording a users keystroke, usually to gain passwords and other sensitive information.


  • SSL and Security Certificates
  • SSL stands for secure socket layer and is a way for users to send and receive information over a secure form, which encrypts information and requires certificates to authorise secure information.


  • Data Encryption
  • A technique of scrambling stored or transmittable information so that it can’t be viewed or corrupted by third parties.



    A trojan is different from a virus because it can only be passed on through a file made to carry it.


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