Nothing going on here, move along…

  • Need information on why I would recommend the product
  • If pre-cited, go to the primery source
  • Want the most up-to-date information
  • Information of how the product has changed over the years
  • Need a quote less than 40 words, explain the meaning in my own words, no need to site (may want to include who the quote came from though
  • Pay attention to the structure and detail
  • Title of reference materials should be in italics
  • Need one reference each from: A book, an article, a website and proquest
  • If there is no author such as on a website, just site the title and date
  • If siting a company article, include the date
  • Get the librarian to sign off on lack of technology books
  • Language should be clear, simple and to the point. In professional layman’s terms
  • Quoting – When? Need a date. My understanding of the quote. “this means…”
  • Need at least two competitors/brands for each item
  • Find opinions from other companies using the product
  • Need a seperate page for references
  • References need to be in ascending alphabetical order
  • Front page to have the title and due date

*Because the client want information is restricted, the general benefits of each product/service should be put in the conclusions.*


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