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Referencing reference

Thing to include when referencing different materials

*Note the titles of work are typed in italics to make it easier to find.*

*On the reference page the references are ordered in alphabetical order by the authors last name,  are double spaced between information (name.  date  etc.), all references are also made into hanging paragraphs by highlighting, going to reference and clicking hanging*


Author Surname, initial(s). Date. Title. Place of publication: Publisher

Periodical (magazines, etc)

Author Surname, initial(s). Date. Article title. Title of periodical, Volume(s), Page(s)

Proquest article, content permanent

Author Surname, initials. Date. Title of article, Title of periodical, vol/s, Date retrieved from proquest database

Internet site, content could change

Author Surname, initials. Date. Title of page, Date retrieved from website, URL or address

  • If there is no authors name – site the title and date.
  • If siting a company article include the date it was written as information can change.

Leaflets, pamphlets and brochures

Publisher, date/(n.d.), title [brochure/leaflet/pamphlet], City: Author.

  • If it has no date on it (n.d.) applies.
  • The city is the city you got it from e.g. it may be from the wellington division of the Food bank organisation.

Referencing quotes (40+ words)

*The quote needs an indentation, highlight it then indent it.*

When referencing quotes how you do it depends on what material it was from, you use a condensed reference at the start or end of the quote as well as the one on your reference page.

If it is at the start it goes

  • Name(year) has stated/said “……” (for pamphlets the pg number goes in brackets at the end)

At the end it goes

  • “…..” (last name, year, (pg number))

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