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Evaluating a website

Keep it REAL

Read the website address

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • Is it a company, an organisation or a government or an education site? (define the difference)

Examine the content

  • Are there spelling or grammatical errors?
  • Does the display and layout add to the page?
  • Is there any advertising on the page? If so what is its purpose?
  • Are references and citations included?
  • When was the information prepared?
    When was the web page updated?


  • Is there an author’s name?
  • Are there any credentials listed?
  • Can the author be contacted?
  • If an organisations has put up the website is it well-known and reputable?
  • Is the author a researcher?

Links to and from the website

  • Look for links to other websites and ask yourself are these “good information” sites?
  • See what other websites say about the material on this website. Tip go to and type the link you are evaluating into the search box.



Whitireia ‘Getting started with Computing Research’ Info sheet.


Comments on: "Evaluating a website" (2)

  1. whitireiacampus said:

    Hi Lostneedle,
    are you a tutor or a student at Whitireia and in which programme?

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