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Glossary and meanings (to be added)



URL – Universal Resource Locator


Wysiwyg – What you see is what you get, used for webpage developing programs.


Tim Berners Lee – the director and founder of the world wide web consortium.

HTML Attributes

html – Hyper Text Markup Language

css – Cascading Style Sheets

<p> Paragraph, used to space text into paragraphs on a page, (doesn’t really need it but in the interest of consistancy) ends with the closing tag </p>

<strong> Equivilent to bold text, closed with </stong>

<em> Emphasized, italics. Closed with </em>

<h1> Largest font size on a page, gets the most attention from search engine spiders.

<h6> Smallest font size on a page.



Web browser

World Wide Web Consortium


Website Accessibility

Cascading Style Sheets –

Pseudo links – A web links attributes such as visited and hover

Website building terms

Brief- Rough outline of how a website will look/work

Wire frame- Visual outline of a website with navigation levels.

User profile- Background information about the people who will be using your service, so it can be tailored to them.

User-centered design-


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